About us

Howdy Doody Neighbouroonie!I'm Jess and I'm the face, hands, mind and lobes behind 1389 Designs!

Thank you so much for discovering our little shop on the world wide web I hope it brings you some joy!

In 2019, I started 1389 as a place Mums like me could come and buy afforable pieces of jewellery and spoil themselves a little. As a Mum of 5, I try and keep my prices low and your wallet happy :)

We are located in the town of Ipswich, Queensland. I have stockists in the city centre as well as in little beauty salons scattered across SE Qld. 

I'm always open to new ideas and custom pieces so join us on Insta, say hello and if you do buy a little piece of 1389 make sure you snap a pic and share it! I'd love to see it. 

Well thanks again for popping by and thank you for supporting me, my little family and our small business. 

xo Jess

1389 Designs Studio
Atlantic Drive
Brassall Q 4305